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(AM NEW YORK)-- MARCH 3 -- Four of the five district attorneys stood with TWU Local 100 Wednesday and called on the state Legislature to elevate spitting on a transit worker from a violation to a misdemeanor. The 5th DA sent the head of his Trials Division. Bronx DA Darcel Clark was first to the podium.

(News 12):  MARCH 3 -- District attorneys from all five New York City boroughs joined transit workers Wednesday to call on the state Legislature to amend the state penal code and increase the penalty for spitting on or attacking transit workers. Currently, spitting on a transit worker is only a violation unless a police officer is a witness to the incident. DAs from all five boroughs are supporting legislation that would result in greater consequences. They want these attacks to be considered a misdemeanor aggravated harassment and punishable with up to a year in prison. In the last four weeks, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has reported more than 150 incidents on buses and trains. They are calling these attacks disgusting and intolerable, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The MTA says the legislation is something it has long sought.
The Wall Street Journal -- (MARCH 3) New York’s top prosecutors called Wednesday for harsher penalties for people who spit at subway and bus workers.

The city’s five district attorneys urged state legislators to amend the penal code to upgrade spitting at a transit worker to a misdemeanor from a violation. The reclassification would, technically, make spitting punishable by up to one year in jail. In practice, most misdemeanors result in very little if any jail time, according to Matthew Galluzzo, a criminal defense attorney in Manhattan.

Transit workers were spat at more than 200 times last year, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement. “Spitting on a bus or train operator is an egregious act and with the still-raging Covid pandemic, potentially life threatening,” he said.

The state-controlled Metropolitan Transportation Authority warned of a rise in assaults on its workers at the start of last year. Harassment and attacks have continued throughout the pandemic despite a steep decline in ridership, according to Transport Workers Union Local 100, which represents almost 40,000 subway and bus workers in the city.

“We come to work to do a job, not get assaulted and abused,” the union’s leader,Tony Utano, said at a news conference in Brooklyn. “We need help from the state Legislature, and we need it now.”


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